Branding Director
Art Director

advertising expert
Graphic Designer / Painter
Summary of my Artistic Activity since 2010 until Present:
One of the co-founders of the online teaching website for drawing and painting in Persian:

Art Director and advertising expert at Avapezeshk company:

Packaging Design of Products of Medical Equipment for Avapezeshk Co. with the IMC Uniform and Standards of ISO, ISIRI, QS and CE

Art Director and Graphic Designer at Barfroosh Magazine for No. 110 and 111

Art Director and advertising expert at the Holding of Tak Derakht Sabz for the
Brands of Camelion and Unimax in IRAN

Designing the Uniform of the fifth exhibition of Physical Photography

Posters Design for the Festivals of Peace and Friendship for 2 times

Presented my paintings in 10 group exhibitions since 2003 until 2015

Starting artistic activity from 2002
Design by: Hamidreza Razavi - 2016
DBA of Branding
Art - MBA
MA. in Painting  / BA. in Graphic at Sooreh University of Fine Art
آثار حمیدرضا رضوی / گرافیک، نقاشی و طراحی